Bookmarks for the Academic Year!

Mark your calendars for the new academic year and four scheduled Bookmarks events to celebrate new books by our faculty!

All events are open to the public, with refreshments provided. Please join us to talk about writing and celebrate with our community!

On Thursday Oct 3, Dr. Dohra Ahmad will be in conversation with SJU grad students Laila Shikaki and Sonia Adams about The Penguin Book of Migration Literature.

On Thursday Nov 14, Professor Gabe Brownstein will be in conversation with Professor Catina Bacote about The Open Heart Club: A Story about Birth & Death & Cardiac Surgery.

Tuesday Feb 11, Dr. Greg Maertz will be in conversation with Dr. Steve Sicari about Nostalgia for the Future: Modernism and Heterogeneity in the Visual Arts of Nazi Germany.

Thursday March 9, Dr. Amy King will be in conversation with Dr. Rachel Hollander about The Divine in the Commonplace: Reverent Natural History and the Novel in Britain.

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