Business Cards for DA Students

Alright DA students, I know this is perhaps not the highest thing on your list right now what with all your seminar papers due this week, but I know at the back of your mind, you are always thinking about those future job prospects. Just in case this little tool has slipped through your mental cracks, I’m here to remind you about the indispensable business card.

St. John’s is offering doctoral students the opportunity to purchase official business cards through the university. The rate is $37 for 500 cards. Here’s a link to the form. Or paste this into your browser:

I designed my own business cards last semester using Vistaprint, which always has good deals. I ordered two different designs, one of which was free and the other I recall spending only $5-10 for 500 cards. The free cards do say “Vistaprint” on the back.

Whichever route you choose, I highly recommend ordering some. I handed several cards at the Blackfriars Conference this year. And we have the NEWCA conference coming up on campus this spring. It’s handy to just pull out a card when chatting with a new colleague.

Best of luck with the end of the semester, folks!

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