CFP for Composing Literary Composition at SAMLA (Nov 13-15 in Durham, NC)

Although literature and composition/rhetoric depend on each other in interlocking, sometimes iterative ways, they are very often considered and taught completely separately, sometimes even housed in different departments. In this panel, we endeavor to bring them closer together, examining the ways in which their concerns and methods overlap, whether easily or fitfully.

Proposed papers can consider questions including but not limited to:
What is intriguing or useful about the histories of comp-rhet and literature that’s instructive for teaching one or both of them today?

How does the teaching of literature interact with the teaching of composition?
How can we unite different aspects of literary studies and composition studies to educate students in a different way?
What practical applications do technological or other approaches, including interdisciplinary ones, have for bridging this divide?

Alternatively, what are some fresh arguments for keeping them separate?
Please submit a 300-word abstract, brief bio, and A/V requirements by June 15, 2015<x-apple-data-detectors://1> to Hilarie Ashton, CUNY Graduate Center at<>.

Hilarie Ashton
Ph.D Student and Graduate Teaching Fellow
English Department
CUNY Graduate Center and Queens College<>

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