CFP for the first issue of inquis, online graduate journal of literatures in english

NQUIS is an online, biannual, blind peer-reviewed journal which offers graduate students in the field of literatures in English a chance to make their research known internationally. Considering that literary studies as a field of scholarly study has undergone tremendous changes and challenges, both the practice and theory of literary studies certainly need a thorough scrutiny under the light of new perspectives, new approaches, new interpretations as well as new insights. By including the works of graduate researchers, the journal primarily aims to promote dialogue and to serve as an international forum for young academics and researchers where they can share their ideas and contribute globally to the discussions on studies of literatures in English. The journal is devoted to encouraging critical and scholarly studies of contemporary literatures in English as well as canonical works with a contemporary perspective and related interdisciplinary studies which may be extended, but not limited, to:

  • British-American literatures
  • Critical Theory
  • Cultural Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Adaptation Studies
  • Commonwealth literatures
  • Colonial / Postcolonial Studies
  • Poetry Studies
  • Drama Studies
  • Novel Studies
  • Short Story
  • Travel literature

Deadline of submissions for the first issue is March 15, 2016

Submissions should be sent to :

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I teach Shakespeare and the blue humanities at St. John's in New York City.

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