CFP: IWCA Conference

The SoCal Writing Centers Association is hosting the 2012 IWCA Conference in San Diego, CA from October 25-27, 2012. Proposals are currently being accepted.

Like lines drawn in the sand, Writing Center work is continuously recast by ever-changing policies in higher education, innovations in technology, outsourced alternatives to student services, increased diversity of student populations, and progressions in writing center praxis. With the tides, we must be willing to shift within our philosophies and our policies in order to best support the communities with whom we work.

For our 2012 International Writing Centers Association conference in San Diego, we invite you to consider the centers where you work and write: What lines do you draw? How do those lines shift? How do shifting lines provide a chance for new definitions of yourselves and your work? How do the disappearing lines of work that you thought finished reappear as issues you must revisit and re-vision? How can the writing center community adapt to the tide so that it is second nature for us to live with the shifting sands? And how do we encourage others within our institutions to shore up student writing for/in the 21st century?

The deadline for proposal submission is April 23, 2012. For more information, please visit:

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