Dissertation Deadlines: May 2014 DA degrees

A quick note to the several students who will receive their Doctoral Degrees this coming May. St. John’s no longer requires in-house copy-editing of dissertations, though if you wish to employ a professional copy-editor we can provide contact information for you.

After you have completed the defense and satisfied the requirements of your committee, the final deadlines for the Graduate Dean’s office are as follows:

Tues April 22: Deadline for the Graduate Dean’s office to receive a final copy, so that they can do their official check.

Fri May 2: Deadline for delivery of the final copy on watermarked paper to the Dean’s office.

Also — in case you don’t have the date handy — the Doctoral Graduation Ceremony will take place on Monday May 12 at 7:00 pm. We’ll have a very strong showing of English degree recipients this year.

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