Fall 2012 Registration

Spring break is over, which means registration for next fall’s semester is almost upon us.  I’ve actually already met with one early-loving undergraduate advisee, and I’ve chatted a bit with a few grad students about next fall as well as summer courses.

As readers of this blog already know, we’ve posted the undergrad course offerings here, the grad offerings here, and the summer courses will be available soon.

For undergraduates, if you don’t know who your adviser is, you can check with Gina or Lana at the English dept chair’s office in St John Hall.  It’s also possible in a pinch to get a different faculty member to advise you, though I suggest tracking down your adviser.  Grad students can come see me — office hours TF 8 – 10 am, and I’m also around various other times — or any of your graduate faculty.

Here are the dates after which each group of students is allowed to register:

Seniors (i.e., seniors next fall):  March 27
Juniors:April 2
Sophomores: April 10
First-years: April 16
Grad Students: April 10

Please remember to look at the offerings before you see your adviser, and come to the meeting with your “advisement report” (ie, the computer record of all the courses you’ve already taken) and ideally with some idea of courses that you’re interested in taking.

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