It’s almost time!

Hi everyone —

I am so excited for the spring semester to begin! I hope everyone has had a restful, safe, and enjoyable break.

We haven’t had too many discussion threads going on this blog, but I thought this would be a nice opportunity to share with everyone if you have done anything special over your break, what classes you’re taking this semester, if you have a New Year’s resolution, or anything at all.

Feel free to leave us a comment here to let us all know! And, of course, if you have any comments, feedback, or things you’d like to see here on the blog, let us know that too.

Don’t forget there are some calls for papers with upcoming due dates — Northeastern’s abstracts are due tomorrow and St. John’s Graduate Conference abstracts are due on February 1.

Happy 2011!

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  1. So I’ll get us started —

    This semester I am taking Medieval Romance, 19th Century: Politics & Aesthetics, and Epic & Allegory. Over break, I spent a lot of time working on my Bookend Project, a dual production of *Titus Andronicus* and *The Tempest* to be performed at St. John’s in February. And I saw Black Swan, which I highly recommend.

    How about you?

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