Job Opportunity at Readability, Arc90

A friend and fellow-English major from my undergraduate days posted a job opening yesterday at Readability for a Full Time Community Manager position. She recommended it for creative English majors and a bit of tech-savvy would not go amiss.

See the full post on the Arc90 website here.

Here’s a selection from the posting

Readability is looking for a talented community support person to help us manage our passionate, growing userbase of readers, publishers, and developers. And where better to look than to our userbase itself?
The day-to-day involves a lot of emails, a lot of chat, and a lot of information. On our support team, you’ll liaison between the developers, project lead, and the wonderful folks at CoSupport, who tackle much of the inbox and offer guidance and expertise. You’ll be learning how the gears turn while helping delight our customers by improving the experience of reading for everyone.
In terms of skillset, we’re looking for someone who is:
  • smart, motivated, organized and kind.
  • particularly interested in reading and writing, particularly on the web. If you’re a fan of and familiar with Readability already, that’s even better. You can play well the role of evangelist (along with the rest of us!)
  • a solid communicator, both written and verbal, and both technical and social. We need you to empathize with customers, write clearly, and effectively express patterns and technical issues to the team. Phrasing matters as much in our issues tracker as on Twitter.
  • eager to understand and advocate for community ideas. You’ll organize issues users are having and help the team to prioritize them with an eye for for both small bugs and the big picture. Be the voice of users in a design meeting, of developers when we plan the roadmap, of publishers when we look at our long-term goals. Crucial: common sense and an openness to ideas that are not your own.
  • comfortable with the web. You don’t need to be a coder, but you should know how the web works and love playing with new tools and software. You’ll look at a lot of web pages and it’s important to know (or be able to learn) the basics of how they work. HTML and CSS experience are a plus. If you know any XPath (gasp!), even better.
  • pattern-aware. You’ll need to learn where to look for answers and have a knack for seeing when something repeats.
  • able to advocate the brand without being a personality. Be comfortable on Twitter and Facebook and everywhere else. There’s no room for egos and no need for fights.
  • living or willing to live in NYC or have a proven record of impeccable remote working. If you’re living in the United States, you are qualified to work here without sponsorship. (Sorry, we can’t currently sponsor H1–B candidates.)
It’d be a plus if you:
  • know how apps work on iOS and Android. Installing, uninstalling, troubleshooting.
  • are an Early-adopter. We do a lot of skunkworks-style playing around here, and admire someone motivated to look at what’s new.
  • blog or have some other experience writing. Strong writing is very important for this role.
Excited? Sound interesting? Feel free to drop us a line at and include a resume and a note about yourself and why this strikes you as a good opportunity. We don’t necessarily need someone who has a ton of experience managing a community. A smart, kind, organized person who loves reading and the web would be a great fit.
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