Rutgers and Berkeley host “How Victorianists (Might) Talk about Race: An Interdisciplinary Symposium”

The Rutgers British Studies Center and Berkeley’s Center for British Studies are hosting a two-day event via Zoom, on February 17 and 18, 2022, “How Victorianists (Might) Talk about Race: An Interdisciplinary Symposium.”

Rutgers provided context for the decision to host this event at this current moment in time as a result of a heightened conversation being had about Victorian studies and Victorian literature, the post announcing the event on their website states, “Recent years have witnessed renewed emphasis on the study of race in Victorian studies. The aim of this event is to sustain this important conversation by querying the specific connotations that “race” subtends in and through our study of what the field designates as ‘Victorian.’ The last several decades have seen groundbreaking work on all the topics involved in addressing this issue—often in conjunction with feminist studies, postcolonial studies, queer studies, and studies of empire.”

The intentions of the two-day event are centered around these intentions, “In order to refocus attention on the specificity of race in the nineteenth century, speakers will consider its workings along various registers: aesthetic, material, economic, and geopolitical. Presenters and discussants will include postcolonial scholars, Americanists, Caribbeanists, and others whose interests extend from the long eighteenth century to the present day as well as scholars of the literature and culture of the Victorian period.”

If you find this of interest and would enjoy participating/joining this two-day zoom event, please follow this link to register and view who the event speakers and discussants will be.

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