Space available in Eng. 250: Medieval Drama

Many of our F15 grad seminars are over-subscribed, but we still have space available in Eng. 250: Medieval Drama. This course explores the rise of “artisan culture” outside of the London court in ways that illuminate the growth of vernacular and non-elite communities throughout English literary history. Developments in ideas of gender, politics, and religion all figure prominently.

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ENG. 250: Medieval Drama (79833)
English Cycle Drama and Artisan Culture
T. 2:50 – 4:50 PM
Dr. Nicole Rice
This course investigates the complex phenomenon of the late medieval Creation-to-Doomsday play, focusing on the cycles of York and Chester, which were produced primarily by local artisans. We will consider the development of dramatic practice in connection with artisan culture and urban structure, reading the play texts closely along with contemporary civic documents, religious texts, and recent criticism. As we develop an understanding of the plays in relation to artisan life and practice, we will consider the importance of gender, local politics, and changing religious orthodoxies in the two towns. The primary texts are in Middle English. While previous knowledge of medieval literature is not required, students should be prepared to work intensively on reading and pronouncing Middle English.

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