St John’s at #MLA18 in New York! Including Happy Hour Fri 1/5














[Please send more info if you know of other SJU-ers at MLA!]

St. John’s English PhD Happy Hour: Friday 1/5, 7:15 – 8:30 pm, Sheraton, Central Park East

Student Presentations

Moire Matheson s164: Th 1/4 7 pm Sheraton Columbus Circle

Panel “Irish Women Writing Politics”

Paper “The English Maria Edgeworth, the Irish Jane Austen”

Laura Lisabeth s268: F 1/5 10:15 am Sheraton Gramercy

Speaker in “Teaching the Fragments: English Education, Democracy, and Digital Media”

Anna Cairney s355: F 1/5 1:45 pm Sheraton Sugar Hill

Panel: “Catfished: Lies Online”

Paper: “Real People, Fake Narratives: Does Self-Publishing Online Promote or Obstruct Authenticity?”

Gowri Kumar s469: S 1/6 8:30 am Sheraton Gramercy

Panel: “Dislocated Identity in Recent South Asian and Diasporic Literature”

Paper: “No man’s land: The Production of Spaces of Refuge in Manto’s Toba Tek Singh

Antonio Fontana s550: S 1/6 Noon Hilton Murray Hill

Panel: “Approaching the American South and the Global South through De Bois”

Paper: “The South as a Space of Emancipation: On the Relation between Du Bois and Gramsci”

Cristen Fitzpatrick s740: Su 1/7 8:30 am Sheraton Sutton Place

Panel: “The Year that Changed Everything: 1968 at Fifty”

Paper: “Feminist Zines, Fifty Years Later”


Faculty Presentations

David Farley (FYW)

s196: Th 1/4 7 pm Hilton Beekman

Chair: “‘Papers, Please’: Travel Documents and Travel Writing”

s776: Su 1/7 10:15 am Sheraton Union Square

Panel: “Instigating Insecurity: The Presidential Executive Order and Muslim-American Activism”

Paper: “From Muslim Ban to ICE Raids: NYC’s Municipal ID Program and Intersectional Local Activism in Trump’s America”

Raj Chetty s152: Th 1/4 5:15 pm Hilton New York

Speaker on “C.L.R. James and the Postcolonial”

Jennifer Travis s644: S 1/6 3:30 pm Hilton Sutton Corner

Speaker on “Feminist Pedagogy in Digital Spaces”

Steve Mentz

s254:  Fri 1/5 10:15 am ; Sheraton, Riverside

Chair: “Tyranny”

s821:  Su 1/7 Noon ; Hilton Beekman

Speaker on “Site Specifics”


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