Vol. 3.1 (Spring 2005)

Vol. 3.1 (Spring 2005)

Editor: Paul Devlin, Graduate Assistant, English Department. Faculty Advisors: Stephen Sicari and Granville Ganter. Cover Design: Naomi Caesar for Caesar Cre8tive: http://www.portfolios.com/naomicaesar

Philip Vera Cruz: In Search of Defamiliarizing Narrative by E. San Juan Jr.

A Terry Teachout Reader Reviewed by Paul Devlin

Imperialism and Education in Twentieth-Century China in Contemporary Perspective by Arif Dirlik

Observations on Three Hemingway Stories by Elexis Coleman

Teaching Against Global Capitalism by Peter McLaren and Ramin Farahmandpur Reviewed by Mike Pozo

“A Real Freudian Case”- Anticipating the Cliche in Mary McCarthy by Tara Roeder

Letter of Resignation from the Jewish People by Berteil Ollman

Gunga Din and Memoirs of the Bookies’ Son Reviewed by Paul Devlin

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