Vol 6.2 (Spring 2008)











Editor: Stephen Pasqualina    Assistant Editor: Samantha Cohen    Editorial Assistants: Ownie Lee, John Nance, and Bonnie Shishko    Faculty Advisors: Stephen Sicari and Granville Ganter    Cover Design: Elephant Drinking by Nick Brandt

Preface by Stephen Pasqualina

(post)Colonial Conversations, an Introduction by Samantha Cohen

Cracking Bapsi: A Conversation with Bapsi Sidhwa interviewed by Samantha Cohen

Are We “Post”Colonial?: A Conversation with Ania Loomba interviewed by Samantha Cohen

On This Earth: A Photo Essay by Nick Brandt

Native American Fiction: A User’s Manual by David Treuer reviewed by by Granville Ganter

Why I Write Horror by Sarah Langan

War on Terror: Amending Monsters After 9/11 by Jesse Kavadlo

Moral Presence and Absence in William James’ Rhetoric of Truth by Michael Modarelli

The Road to Freedom by Giuseppe Mazzotta

Us and Our Minds: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Stanley Sultan

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