Vol. 9.1 (Spring 2011)











Editor: Anna Sicari    Assistant Editors: Nevena Georgieva and Angie A. Lalla    Faculty Advisors: Stephen Sicari and Granville Ganter    Cover Design: Il Tempo di Corviale by Paul Fabozzi

Preface by Anna Sicari

Il Tempo do Corviale by Paul Fabozzi

A Few Reflections on Poetry and Language by Lawrence Joseph

Restating Romance for the Modern World by Stephen Sicari

The Angel of the Possible: Joyce’s Spatial Forms of History by Stephen Pasqualina

Numerousness and Its Discontents: George Oppen and Lyn Hejinian by Peter Nicholls

Ethnic Modernism, by Werner Sollors Review by Paul Devlin

Cosmopolitan or Globalization?: Mme. de Stael’s Feminist Comparative Literature for Frederick Jameson by Tegan Zimmerman

Narrative Fictions and Covert Colonialism: Linguistic and Cultural Control through Education in the Colonies by Sarah Bonnie

Rereading Heart of Darkness by Daniel R. Schwartz

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