Poem Published by Phoebe Miller

We are pleased to celebrate the publication of an original poem by a St. John’s student. Phoebe Miller wrote her poem “Growing Pains” in English 1100c, under the inspiring instruction of Professor Amy Walsh.

Her poem appears in Wingless Dreamer’s Heartfelt Poetry Book (2021).

We include the poem here with the author’s permission.


Growing Pains


Her life is like a chess set

It includes most who she’s met

Each person is a piece

To her they were all beasts

She never looked at the other side as foe

But how was she supposed to know

She had thought the others were loyal

It turns out they just made her blood boil

Aren’t friends supposed to last forever?

Friend has the word end it in, how clever

Almost as if from the start

Things are supposed to fall apart

They took her army one by one

Until there were barely none

She felt alone because she was trapped

In a world she felt that humanity was lacked

Her king was exposed

She was clearly enclosed

Nowhere to hide

She was forced to abide.


Congratulations, Phoebe!

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