The St. John’s University Humanities Review Volume 17, Issue 1, Winter 2020

This issue of The St. John’s University Humanities Review seeks to provide educators with invigorating, practical, and effective pedagogical methods to apply to their classrooms. This issue addresses the current state of the classroom and how instructors can use their platforms to promote and instill the drive within students to perform active anti-racism, societal reform, and to create a socially-aware population. These scholars write on the topic of student engagement and answer the following questions: how do we make students energized to engage in critical thought and conversation with their peers? How do we encourage students to see the importance in listening and acting to affect change? What pedagogical tools and practices encourage active thinking, listening, and discussion in today’s classroom? We hope these texts inspire you and provide you with new methods of engaging your students!

Click here for the full journal, and here for individual articles and past issues of the Humanities Review. Enjoy!

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I teach Shakespeare and the blue humanities at St. John's in New York City.

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