Two More New Doctors! Laura Lisabeth & Phil Grayson

It’s the season for new Doctors!

Congratulations to Dr. Laura Lisabeth, who on Tuesday afternoon defended her dissertation, “Arcades of Style: E.B. White, William Strunk And The Struggle For Language.” The project is a brilliant philological, archival, and speculative ┬áinvestigation of Strunk and White’s famous and oft-reprinted style manual.

Earlier today Dr Lisabeth was joined by Dr Phil Grayson, who defended his innovative dissertation, “At the Edge of the Evening, Often Forever: Fiction and the Ethics of Extramission.” Building a theoretical structure out of cognitive psychology, deconstrutive criticism, and Levinasian ethics, the work engages the metaphysical fictions of Spike Jonze, John Ashberry, and most of all Thomas Pynchon in order to demonstrate how fictional creations have real meanings.

More New Doctors still to come as the spring continues!

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