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It’s time for post-coursework graduate students to make sure their applications are in for UDAF (University Doctor of Arts) funding. I think some people are confused about what this is for, so I’ll explain below.

After students finish coursework and take their comprehensive exams, they are required to take two semesters of E. 975, Dissertation Research and Writing Workshop. This is a three-credit workshop-style seminar, taught currently by Dr. Jennifer Travis, that sets students on their paths from coursework into the dissertation. The UDAF funding pays for this course and only this course.

All students are eligible for two semesters of UDAF funding for 975, but this funding cannot be used for anything else. It also cannot be applied to the 1-credit version of 975 that students are required to take each semester after the UDAF year until they submit the dissertation. Those final semester(s) are 1-credit only, but the tuition must be paid by the student.

If you’re taking comps this spring, or if you’ve finished your first semester of the 3-credit 975 workshop you should get your UDAF application in to Gina as soon as possible.

Please contact me (mentzs@stjohns.edu) with any questions.

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