Vol. 9.2 (Spring 2012)

Vol. 9.2 (Spring 2012)


Editor: Danielle Lee

Preface by Danielle Lee
Franklin, Emerson, Whitman and the American Bible by J. D. Isip
Shaping the American Poet: The Somewhat Indirect Discourse Between Emerson and Poe by Jeff Carr
Refutation of Manifest Destiny in Contemporary American Horror Cinema by Finn J. Ballard
The Passage of HB2281: Another Battle in the U.S. Culture War by Kathie Cheng
Postcolonial Iraqi Literature in Exile: A Study of Al-Bayaty’s Selected Poetry in English  by Daryoosh Havarti
More than Black and White: African American Appropriations of Hong Kong Martial Arts Films in the 1970s by Mel Zahnd
Pittsburgh Enka: Jero, Cultural Nationalism, and Japanese Music by Shawn M. Higgins
O for a Muse of Fire: The Role of Linguistics in the Assertion of National Identity in Shakespeare’s Richard II and Henry V by Nichole Peabody
National Identity and the Reference to Indigenous Issue in Argentina and Mexico by Katarzyna Górska

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