2011 St. John’s English Graduate Conference

The conference will take place on Saturday, April 16 in St. Albert Hall B70 & B75.  This year’s conference features an exciting mix of scholarly and creative writing panels.  Morning sessions take place from 9:15-12:00, while afternoon sessions take place from 1:00-3:45.  Lunch will be available at 12:00.

Please see the official schedule below.

8:30-9:00) Breakfast
9:15-10:30) Re-presenting the ‘Teaching of World Literature’ (B70)
Tuli Chatterji, “Re-visiting the Canon (Western Literature) with a ‘Difference’”
David Price, “Multidimensional and Multi-system Conversations: How Postmodern Discourse Opens the Door to Teaching 20th Century Modern World Literature”
Kumru Susel, “‘Translating’ World Literature”
Moderator: Dr. Dohra Ahmad

9:15-10:30) Deviant Strokes: (Re)visiting the ORIGINality of the 18th-Century Novel  (B75)
Elizabeth Walsh, “‘The Scotch mope, as they call him’: Mr. McCartney as Proof of Evelina’s Worth”
Samantha Deliso, “‘Thus … has my Pamela turn’d these Lines’: The Roles of Spirituality and Poetry in the Subjection of Pamela”
Angie A. Lalla, “Aestheticizing Humor in Novel Form: Sporting the Comic and Relieving with Wit in Burney’s Evelina
Moderator: Dr. Kathleen Lubey
10:45-12:00) Takin’ the Power Back: Applying Critical Race Theory to Education (B70)
Steve Netcoh, “Hip Hop, the Suburbs, and Critical Race Theory: Bridging the Gap from the ‘Burbs to Bell to Rap
Radha Radkar, “Inclusive But (Un)equal: Equity as Technology for Institutional Racism in Educational Discourse
Kathie Cheng, “The Passage of HB 2281: Are We in the Midst of Another Culture War?
Moderator: Dr. Jennifer Travis
10:45-12:00) George Eliot: Explorations in Realism (B75)
Erin Keane, “Red Deeps and Real World: George Eliot’s Use of the Wooded Space to Subvert Tradition”
Tara Bradway, “Speaking with Dorothea’s Voice: Languages of Art, Architecture, and Textuality in George Eliot’s Middlemarch
Ed Marks, “A Journey through Genres: Dorothea Brooke’s Exit from the Epic”
Moderator: Dr. Gregory Maertz
12:00-1:00) Lunch
1:00-2:15) Re-Reading the ‘Discourse’ of Nationalism from a Theoretical and Historical Perspective (B70)
Tuli Chatterji, “‘Political Modernity’ as a non-Western Discourse”
Colin Elliott, “The Place of ‘Nationalism’ in Modern Historiography”
Babette Roth, “The Necessity of Silences in Historiography”
Moderators: Dr. Robert Fanuzzi and Dr. Susie Pak
1:00-2:15) The Evolution of George Eliot: A Deeper Look at the Writer’s Developing Forms and Techniques (B75)
Anna Sicari, “Exploration of Sympathy for Women in George Eliot: Adam Bede
Meredith Leverich, “Socialization and Lack of Agency in The Mill on the Floss
Leah McGuckin, “Fairytales for Grown-ups: Depictions of Calvinism and Consciousness in Silas Marner
Moderator: Dr. Gregory Maertz

2:30-3:45) Re-imagining Femininity in British Literature, From the 17th through the 19th Century             ( B70)
Danielle Lee, “The Real Sycorax”
Callie DiSabato, “The Mechanical Pineapple of Femininity Rejected in Evelina
Nevena Georgieva, “‘Yes, We Are Kin’: From Female Kinship to Conjugal Love in George Eliot’s Adam Bede
Moderator: Dr. Nicole Rice

2:30-3:45) Creative Writing (B75)

Jordan Baum, “Essay on Running”
Sarah Goncalves, “Not My Story”
Steve Williams, “Stranded”
Moderator: Prof. Gabriel Brownstein
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