Key Dates for Graduate Faculty and Students 2020

M.A. portfolios will be due this spring after the Easter/Passover holiday on Thursday, April 16th. UDAF applications (for students post-Comps) will be sent out by Lana the week of March 16th. Please be sure to apply if you’re taking your Comps this spring or in the first few weeks of September and intend to enroll in ENG 975 Dissertation Workshop. Or if you haven’t yet received 6 credits of UDAF waiver for 975. Or, if you have, apply anyway in case we have extra waivers floating around.

Key Dates for Graduate Faculty includes the Spring 2020 semester deadlines for Oral Defenses, Thesis/Diss filing deadlines when Incompletes need to be reconciled, and more.

Ph.D. students in need of the Comprehensive Oral Exam Proposal Form can find them here. This form allows the department to track the progress of the program post-coursework.

If you’re a Ph.D. student preparing for Comps, you should:

  • Be registered for 105Q
  • Prepared your three lists and rationale
  • Have the signatures of your committee
  • Hand into the DGS chair, Dr. King.

Examples of Comps done by students in the previous years are available on this blog under password protection. Please contact Dr.King for access.

Dr. King will be holding dedicated DGS office hours on Thursdays from 12:00-2:00 to address any individual concerns or questions about progress in the M.A., PhD, or BA/MA program.

Other key dates are as follows:

Monday March 16th:  Last day for grad students to submit coursework for Fall 2019 Incompletes
Monday March 16th, 1:50/Common Hour:  EGO event:  Comprehensive Exams
Monday April 6th: UDAF applications due in English department office.
Monday April 6th:  Course registration for Fall 2020 and Summer 2020 will begin on Monday April 6th.  Course offerings will be published online next week, and Lana will send out our narrative-descriptions in due course in March.  I have priority numbers!  Feel free to email me to be advised or drop by DGS office hours Thursdays 12:00- 2:00 and by appointment.
Thursday April 16th:  MA portfolios due in English department office
Saturday April 24th:  English Graduate Student Conference.  We hope to see everyone at this key event for the English graduate-student community!
Tuesday May 19th:  Graduation! For those of you graduating this spring, please save the date for graduation, which will be held at the odd time of 11:00 am on Tuesday May 19th.  We will have a celebratory English department reception immediately following commencement for you and your friends/family.
Fall 2020 and beyond:  the Graduate Calendar for 2020 – 2022 is now available. Note the early date of September 14th for September PhD defenses:

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