Vol. 8.2 (Spring 2010)


Editors: John V. Nance and Christianne Cain    Associate Editors: Anna Sicari, Anglie Lalla, Diana Castaldini, and Nevena Georgieva    Faculty Advisors: Stephen Sicari and Granville Ganter    Cover: De Humani Corporus Fabrica (1543) by Andreas Vesalius    Back cover: “Flea Carying Yersinia Pestis” by Jordan Baum

Death in Early Modern Literature

Preface by John V. Nance

Preface by Christianne Cain

Preface by Anna Sicari

“I Will Encounter Darkness as a Bride”: Death and the Possibilities of Comedy in Measure for Measure by Paul Dustin Stegner

The Deaths of Kings and Other People: Comparing the Narratology of Mortality in Shakespeare and Modern Cinema by P. Aaron Potter

Writing Epitaphs for Death: The Work of Herbert’s “Church Monuments” and Donne’s “A Nocturnal” by Laura Kolb

“Paine and Patience”: The Deathbed Performances of Early Modern Women by Marissa R. Cull

The Death Drive in Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra by Lynne M. Simpson

“Fearful Meditations”: Pondering Posterity in Shakespeare’s Sonnets by Brian Chalk

Immortal Longings and Common Lyings: Denials of Death, from Jacobean Literature to Modern Journalism by Robert Watson

Toward a Cultural Poetics of Early Modern Shipwreck by Steve Mentz

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